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Features of the Commerce Cloud



Cloud commerce is one of the best rated platforms which is backed by intensive experience in the trade industry and powerful strategy for many which is built on three basic differentiators. These differentiators are faster innovation, unified commerce, and predictive intelligence. This kind of differentiators helps brands using Salesforce commerce clouds in faster marketing, engaging with additional customers easily, and delivering seamless shopping experience in every channel which includes social, digital store and mobile.


Trade cloud is currently functioning in fifty countries where it powers more than 2000 websites, and it is growing two times faster than the rate of the industry. Brands using commerce enjoy a higher conversion rate of over 40-60% than legacy platforms.


Demandware integration commerce cloud offers more than a world leading fog up commerce platform. It employs a unique business structure dependent on shared success with the aim of offering their clients every possible advantage. Besides, it fosters a sizable community of global retailers with advice, ideas to share and information. Also, the cloud commerce provided at Salesforce commerce cloud work easily with other Salesforce clouds with the aim of powering the entre journey of their customer. These ingredients are integrated to work together to ensure success for the client both now and in the future.


In faster innovations, Salesforce cloud commerce moves faster and deliver an innovative experience for their clients without postponing their provision. This includes an innovation model, mobile and social integration, business customer productivity and streamlined management. Besides, the company offers commerce experience with high-tech artificial intelligence which is powered by trade cloud Einstein. Predicative trade helps in recommending the best products to any customer on any channel, personalizing products and communications for all customers as well as offering commerce ideas to help clients in smarter merchandising and store planning.


Besides, salesforce e-commerce gives a unified experience which creates a soft shopping experience across channels and streamlines operations. This is achieved through a combo of several businesses like digital and store integration, customized journeys, allocated order management as well as commerce and customer relationship management.


One of the strongest pillars of Salesforce trade is the power of shared commerce. Commerce Cloud provides their clients with dedicated teams to supply both technical and retail support. In addition to, it provides technical support and evaluates and certifies lovers and developers to ensure that their clients get help from qualified, in a position people. It also fosters an intensive global community of retailers.


Business cloud is an essential part of the demandware api customer success platform. When combined with other sales force clouds, it helps to power the consumer quest.